The holidays are among us and are coming faster than you could ever imagine! If you have a senior in your life, you may be questioning what a senior even needs. You want your senior loved one to have a great holiday, and you want to bring them a gift, but you may also be worried about offending your senior with a gift that says “I’m too old and I need help.” We know that is absolutely not the message you want to send, so we compiled a list of  the top 4 gifts that are great for your senior for the holiday season. 


The step2bed 

This is the one gadget we want to mention that is designed for seniors, and we put it at the top of our list because we think it is so important. The step2bed is a step stool to help one get in and out of bed, but it is also so much more than that. Designed with seniors need in mind, the step2bed comes with steel grab bars on either side of the stool, a motion activated light, an extra wide landing base for your feet, and a height adjustable step. 

 Why get a step2bed? One of the leading causes of injuries in older adults is falling. The fact of the matter is, falling can happen anywhere at any time, so it’s a great idea to take preventative measures to reduce the risk of falling. By implementing a step2bed in your seniors life, they can reduce the risk of falls in a place where falling is common — the bedroom. 


CBD Products

Okay, we know this one may be a bit controversial, but hear us out. CBD or cannabidiol, is an ingredient derived from the cannabis sativa plant. Many claim that CBD has provided them with anxiety relief, muscle relaxation, and sleep aid. A common misconception about CBD is that it is psychoactive. This is not true. While the cannabis plant does contain THC (the psychoactive ingredient in the plant that makes you “high”) CBD has the THC removed from it, so when you use  CBD you will not experience that high at all. 


Image credit to Joy Organics

CBD is relatively safe, but if the senior you are shopping for has any major health complications, it may be best to consult a doctor first to see if the product is right for them.

We recommend looking at trusted brands for CBD products like step2health naturals or Joy Organics as products from these companies endure rigorous testing and ensure that you are receiving the best quality product possible. 


A Smart Vacuum

Even if you aren’t a senior you know that vacuuming up the house can be a real pain Dealing with cords and outlets only makes cleaning up more of hinderance and brooms are insufficient for cleaning the whole house. Cleaning the house can become even more of a chore when you are a senior! Luckily, the world of technology has brought us the smart vacuum! Smart vacuums are “robot”vacuums that run on their own chord free. They roam around your home, picking up the dirt and dust on its track. One of the most popular vacuums is the Roomba and while it stands at only a few inches tall, its power is mighty. Smart vacuums can fit under small nooks and crannies where you wouldn’t normally bother to reach. Cleanup is easy with a smart vacuum and you never have to worry about nasty bags of dust!


A Dinner Plan Subscription 

If you are searching for a gift for a senior who may be a little more independent, then search no longer! A great gift for this holiday season is a meal subscription plan! Here’s how it works: Online, you create a plan that best fits you. This includes deciding what your diet is (are you a vegetarian, do you have diet restrictions, etc) how many people you are cooking for, and the frequency of your meal deliveries. Once you have that sorted out, you will get the meals shipped to your house. Each meal comes unprepared, and the fun is that you can prepare it yourself. Companies like Hello Fresh are great because they send you the perfect amount of each ingredient — no more running to the store for a tablespoon of milk, they’ve got you covered!

 Dinner plan subscriptions are great for seniors who are fine living on their own and don’t need much assistance. This can be a fun way they can make their evenings a little different each day!


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