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hearing assist behind the ear
hearing assist behind the ear
hearing assist behind the ear
hearing assist behind the ear

Hearing Assist HA1800 Black In the Ear Completely in Canal (CIC) Hearing Aid

Tiny! This hearing aid fits entirely in the ear canal making it easy to wear with glasses. This model is design, engineered, and assembled in the USA!

Hearing Assist is proud to announce the HA1800 black in the ear Hearing Aid. We call this the 1800 because the exact device was formerly sold for $1800/each by another Hearing Aid company that was going out of business, putting American manufacturing jobs at risk. Hearing Assist purchased the inventory, started up the American production lines again, and is offering this incredible Hearing Aid for less than $400! Mass marketing and mass distribution allows us to bring our costs massively down so that we can offer this great product at a great value to our customers. This in the ear Hearing Aid is tiny and fits inside the ear canal. Because it is black, it blends into the shadow of your ear canal and looks nearly invisible. Works great for those who find discomfort in wearing hearing aids with eyeglasses. The HA-1800 has crystal clear digital sound amplification provided by medical grade American digital signal processing chips, and is designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA with US parts! This Hearing Aid is a universal fit, for left or right ear, and comes with an assortment of ear tips to find the best fit for you. Advanced features such as ambient noise reduction, feedback suppression, noise compression technology and four different preset volume levels. The HA-1800 comes in black only and requires use of a size 10 hearing aid battery (one 8-pack of Hearing Assist batteries included). No hearing test required. Enjoy up to 70 hours of use from each battery. Ultra small, discreet, and simple. Press the small button on the end to cycle between four preset volume levels. For mild to moderate hearing loss. Please note the price is for one HA1800 unit.

Key Features
  • In ear design: small and discreet
  • Easy to wear with glasses
  • Universal Fit: Right or Left Ear
  • Advanced Background Noise Reduction
  • 8-channel Digital Signal Processor
  • Up to 70 hours of use from each battery
  • Designed, engineered, assembled in the USA
  • Comparable to high quality hearing aids for a fraction of the cost

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