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12 Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day with your Mom or Grandma

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Mother’s Day is a special time to show your mother how much you appreciate her and all that she’s done for you. Our elderly mothers especially value the quality time we choose to spend with them on this day. Making an effort and taking the time to plan some special Mother’s Day activities for senior mothers is one of the best ways to show you care. If you’re looking to plan something special for her this Mother’s Day, here are 12 awesome ideas that should help.

  • Go for a Special Meal at a restaurant

One way to make your mother feel special is to take her out to her favorite restaurant. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a big impact, and your mother will appreciate simply just sharing a meal with you and your family.

  • Plan a Special Tribute with the Grandchildren

There’s no better way than to liven up your Mother’s Day by getting her grandchildren involved. This is one of the best Mother’s Day ideas for nursing home residents. Having special little visitors come and bring some treats or put up a little tribute performance for your mother will make her day. Talk to caretakers whether there are any facilities you can use at the nursing home, such as a hall to hire out and decorate.

  • Take her to a lovely café for a fancy tea party

Something all mothers enjoy is a chat over coffee at a lovely café or perhaps even a little tea party with cakes and sandwiches. This is a great way to give her your undivided attention and allow her to take the conversation where she pleases.

  • Gift her something special

Sometimes we may not have the time to plan something elaborate for Mother’s Day, and that’s okay. A great way to show your mother you care is by gifting her something meaningful and perhaps something she’s wanted or needed for a long time. Mobility aids or home safety devices that make life easier for the elderly may not come cheap, so getting her something that will make life easier for her.

mother's day celebration ideas
  • Host a big family dinner at home

One great way to show your mother you appreciate her is to get the whole family together. There’s no doubt that everyone in the family will want to show their appreciation, and coming together to shower your mother with love is a wonderful way to make her day.

  • Go Shopping together

If shopping is something your mother loves, she will appreciate a shopping companion in you. We all know that shopping isn't just about shopping. It's a great way to bond with your mother and strike those precious conversations together. Maybe you can end the trip with a cup of coffee or tea at a nice café.

  • Enjoy a Stroll together in a Park or Botanical Garden

Sometimes just enjoying the beauty of nature together with your mother is a wonderful way of showing her you care. If she lives in a nursing home, talk to caretakers about how you can arrange to take her out safely. A scenic walk will do her good both physically and emotionally.

celebrate mother’s day strolling with mother in a park
  • Take her to a play or live stage performance

If your mother enjoys music, taking her to a live stage performance of one of her favorite artists is an extra special treat she won't forget. Keep in mind, of course, her abilities and whether she can attend a performance that could be potentially crowded. Talk to her nursing home caretakers about protocol as well.

  • Watch a classic movie with the family

Another wonderful Mother’s Day celebration idea is to take your mother down memory lane with a golden classic. You could hire out a hall at the nursing home, invite the whole family around and convert it into a mini cinema. It may take some planning, but your mother will love every minute of it.

  • Take her to a Special hobby class

These days there are many Mother’s Day activities for adults that you can register for. If your mother has a creative hand and enjoys arts and crafts, she will enjoy spending an afternoon at a hobby or crafts class where you can join her in creative expression. Just knowing that you’re happy to spend time doing something she loves with her is enough to make her day special.

indoor mother's day activity - special hobby class
  • Listen to Old Songs while playing a favorite Board game or doing a puzzle together

With our busy lives, most of us don’t have the time or inclination to sit down and enjoy a quiet afternoon with our seniors while doing something they enjoy. Just spending the time and giving your mother that undivided attention while listening to her favorite music and playing a game or doing a puzzle together speaks volumes about how much she means to you. This activity is easy to plan and only requires quality time.

  • Have a Spa Day together

If your mother enjoys getting pampered, then you’ve got it covered by booking her in for a day at the spa. Keep in mind, of course, her health status and choose spa treatments accordingly. Most spas will recommend treatments that suit the elderly and make sure she gets a relaxing day of pampering that isn’t too overwhelming.

No matter what you plan to do with your mother on Mother’s Day, whether it's something fancy or just a simple gesture, she will appreciate the quality time you give her. Make sure you give her your undivided attention and keep her needs and abilities in mind while planning. If she lives in a nursing home, it's a good idea to talk to caretakers to see what their protocol is and whether there are nursing home facilities available that you can make the most of on this special day.


Vince Baiera

Vince Baiera is the founder of step2health, a mobility aids and wellness company for older adults. He is a former ICU Nurse of the Cleveland Clinic and Duke University Hospital in the Cardiac ICU. With years of working on the frontlines, Vince noticed the struggles of older adults and people with mobility issues that became an impediment for both patients and their caretakers. He then designed and created the patented product, Step2Bed (and its variants) that helps seniors and those with mobility issues safely get in and out of bed. His philosophy concerning aging is to plan ahead and start with simple home and life modifications to avoid being overwhelmed at retirement.

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