See how the step2bed assembles

What is the Step2bed made of?
– Step2bed is made of steel tubing and metal fixtures.

Is the step2bed connected to the bed?
– No, it is a free standing device that sits at the bedside.

Can the step2bed go on either side of the bed?
– Yes, the product can be assembled and used on either side of the bed.

Is the step2bed adjustable?
– Yes, the step2bed has six (6) height adjustment options ranging from 2.5"-7.5"

How much does the step2bed weigh?
– The step2bed weighs 22 lbs.

What are the dimensions of the step2bed?
- 18" L x 32" W x 32" H.

What is the weight capacity of the step2bed?
- 400 lbs.

Does the step2bed come pre-assembled?
– No, it's four pieces, six bolts and four legs that adjust the height. See assembly video on this page.

When should I start using the step2bed as a preventative measure?
– Recommended use should begin at the first sign of weakness when climbing stairs.

Is there a lifetime warranty on the step2bed?
– Yes, each product comes with a 100% lifetime warranty.

Can someone use the step2bed if they already have mobility problems?
– Yes, the step2bed is designed to help assist the user even if they already have mobility issues.

Does step2bed guarantee the user will not fall when using the device?
– No, with the assistance of the product it will help reduce the risk of falls.

Does the LED light need to be plugged in or is it battery operated?
- It's battery operated. It takes four (4) AAA batteries.

How does someone with limited mobility swing their legs over the lower bar?
- Limited mobility can still use this product effectively. The lower side (grab bar) doesn't impede your natural motion to get into bed. Also, as you get out of bed, your legs move over it easily. I'm the inventor and founder, Vince Baiera. I worked as a bedside RN for 7+ years and have tested this product with 1000+ seniors. I encourage you to trust it! I believe it can work for you.
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We encourage you to consult your physician with specific questions.

What is the size of the tall grab bar?
- The tall grab bar is 31" high and connects to the step. There is also a telescoping leg with 6 height adjustment steps (2.5-7.5") that will add height from the floor. Size of the unit - 18" L x 32" W x 32" H.

What is the size of the short grab bar?
- 22.8" is the highest point. It angles down at 30 degrees and the low point is 12".