Height and weight

What Should Be the Perfect Height and Weight of Your Bed Step Stool?

Everybody has different needs when it comes to bed step stools – be it step stool for seniors or normal step stools. Some beds may not be very high, while others may be tall enough to cause discomfort while getting in and out of bed. Furthermore, step stools come in varying weight capacities, which you can select based on your unique needs. To choose the best step stool for getting into bed, you need to get the perfect height-weight balance.


The height of your bed is an important factor to consider when selecting a bed step stool. If you have a high bed, it calls for a comfortably tall stool to step on, and preferably one with handles for support. If your bed is not very high, an average height step stool will do. However, step stools with adjustable height are always your best bet. Step stools for high beds are an investment. Purchasing adjustable step stool will allow you to continue using it even if you move or change your bed.


The weight capacity of a bed step stool should be based on your unique needs. Bed step stools come in varying weight capacities ranging from 200 pounds to 800 pounds. Heavy-duty step stools, made with reinforced steel, are usually larger and can withstand up to 800 pounds.

A lightweight step stool that can withstand up to 200 pounds is compact and easier to move around whenever needed. As it takes up less space, it is an ideal choice if your room is smaller.

Heavier bed stairs for high beds can withstand anything between 400 to 800 pounds. You should also consider these step stools depending on your own weight and whether you need to move the stool around frequently. They are also the best option for larger rooms.  

To get the perfect combination of height and weight in your bed step stool, select the weight capacity you need and make sure the stool has adjustable height.

Our Products are Made with Care and Experience

Vince Baiera, a former ICU nurse and the founder of Step2Health, has been driven by the struggles of his own grandparents with mobility issues. Considering their needs, he developed the Step2Bed and Step2Tub to ensure that seniors everywhere can age in place safely.


How Will You Decide the Right Height/Weight Step Stool for You?

Finding the right height-weight step stool is easy as long as you are aware of your unique needs. As a general rule, always try to buy a step stool with a height-adjustability feature to fit well with any bed. As for the weight, depending on your needs, you can buy a lightweight step stool with a weight capacity of 300 pounds. It is also easier to move it around if needed. If you need a heavier bed step stool, you can select a heavy-duty bed step stool with a weight capacity of up to 800 pounds. Read more about how to find the perfect bed step stool.

What Are the Cons of a Heavy-Weight Step Stool?

Heavy-weight step stools, while reliable and safe, do have two main drawbacks:
- They are heavy and thus harder to move around the room if needed.

-  They can be an eyesore in the room's aesthetics.

How Do You Get into a Tall Bed?

Take steps to stay safe and functional at home to avoid falling. Using a step stool to climb into bed is one technique to ensure your safety at home and limit the risk of falling. Step stools are quite useful and should be in every senior's home, particularly if they live alone. By giving support, they make it easier to get in and out of bed, relieve the pressure on your leg and thigh muscles, and lessen the chance of accidents.

Here's how you can choose the best step stool for high beds.