How to Choose the Best Bed Step Stool for the Elderly

Getting in and out of bed is something we take for granted. However, it can be quite a challenge for the elderly, especially those with mobility issues or those who have incurred hip or joint injuries. To help seniors overcome these struggles, the step2bed makes getting in and out of bed stress-free and safe. If your loved one has chosen to age in place, a bed step stool can be the perfect solution to ensure a safer home.

However, we understand that not everyone lives in the same kind of home or sleeps in the same kind of bed. At step2health, we offer three different sizes of bed step stools for the elderly designed to fit your specific needs. In this guide, we will look at the special features of the step2bed regular, mini, and XL and talk about how you can select the right one for you.

Analyze the key features of each bed step stool:

The regular step2bed

This is an adjustable step stool for getting into bed, with the added utility of an extra-wide step. This lightweight steel frame can support weights of up to 400 lbs. and has the added features of a motion-activated LED light, along with a height-adjustable step.

What's interesting about the perpendicular handrails is that they’re both at different heights based on observations of how the elderly usually get in and out of bed. Most need that extra support even while sitting up. The regular step2bed also comes with additional clamps for the bathtub.


The step2bed mini

This bedside mini step stool for the elderly is lightweight with a compact yet durable design. Weighing only 13 lbs., it supports up to 300 lbs. and is easy to shift and place out of the way when not in use. Its steel grab bars have a soft foam padding, and it comes with an anti-slip step. The step is height adjustable from 8 to 10 inches above the ground.

Step2bed Mini

The step2bed XL

This bedside safety step stool provides an extra-wide step that can support weights up to 800 lbs. The perpendicular handrails are at different heights for added benefit while sitting up and getting out of bed. The step is height-adjustable and has a motion-activated LED light for nighttime safety.

step2bed XL

Here’s a comparison chart that should help –

Ask yourself these questions before choosing the right bed step stool-

  • What size of the step2bed stool should I buy?

For those who sleep on big and high beds, the regular or XL sizes are both ideal. The XL has an extra-wide landing step for added security if that’s what you’re looking for. If your bedroom is smaller and difficult to move through tight spaces, the step2bed mini is a lightweight, portable solution.

  • What is the weight carrying capacity of the step2bed stool?

Both the regular and mini can support an average person’s weight. However, if you’re looking for extra security and sturdiness, the XL is designed to support double the weight of up to 800 lbs.

  • Which step2bed stool has handrails?

Those with mobility issues may need the extra support of handrails along with the step stool. In this case, all three bedside step stools come with handrails.

  • The size of my bedroom is small. Which step2bed stool will fit, and can it be stored away?

If you sleep in a smaller room or require a step stool that is easy to shift around, the step2bed mini is a great lightweight option that weighs only 13 lbs. This can allow you the choice of storing the step stool when not in use.

  • Can the step be adjusted to the desired height?

All three models come with a height-adjustable step making things much easier. However, the step2bed XL and regular have height adjustability ranging from 2.5 inches to 7.5 inches from the floor. This can prove to be very handy for those who can’t take big steps or those with high beds. But, if you’re looking for that extra height boost, the mini provides a height adjustability of up to 10 inches.

  • Do all step2bed stools come with motion sensor lighting?

More often than not, the elderly need to get in and out of bed frequently at night for bathroom visits. Some may also struggle with vision impairment, which increases the risk of falls—especially in the dark. The step2bed regular and step2bed XL come with motion-activated LED lights that automatically light up when your loved ones choose to step out of bed, enabling them better vision and reducing the chances of any falls.

All three models of bed step stools for the elderly featured at step2health have basic key features that ensure the utmost safety of your loved one while getting in and out of bed. However, with differences in weight, weight carrying capacity, height adjustability, and step size, you can now make an informed decision on choosing what's most comfortable for your loved one. Choosing a bedside step stool that caters to your loved one’s specific needs is the key to them enjoying aging in place and living independently.

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