Room Type

How to choose a step stool as per room type?

A step stool for seniors or adults with limited mobility is crucial to retain independence. However, one of the factors while selecting the right step stool is the room for which you need this mobility device. Let’s take a look:

For the Bedroom

A bedroom step stool is essential for getting in and out of bed safely. While selecting a step stool for the bedroom, you must keep several features in mind, such as material, height-adjustability for high beds, weight capacity, handles for support and your room size.

You can accommodate a mini bed step stool for small spaces without taking up too much area.

A large step stool is an excellent choice if you have a large bedroom with a lot of floor space. The extra-wide step stools can also support a lot more weight and are sturdier. An average-sized step stool is the one to choose if you have a medium-sized room.

For the Bathroom

Older adults are more prone to falls in the bathroom due to wet and slippery floors. A step stool for the bathroom is crucial to keeping seniors safe from falls and fall-related injuries while stepping in and out of the tub or shower. You must look for features such as a non-slip step, sturdy handrails, and a height-adjustable step.

Always keep in mind that the ideal step stool is the one that is tailored to your specific requirements.

How are bedroom step stools different from bathroom step stools?

While both step stools offer support and security against injuries arising from mobility-related issues, their features are specific to the particular room type. For example, the Step2Tub bathroom step stool has dual clamps to latch on to the sides of the bath tub for added security and sturdiness, while the Step2Bed has Velcro straps. Their weight capacity also differs. Let’s take a look at some of their features and differences.

Here's what our customers have to say about our bed step stools:

“This is an excellent piece of equipment and has been extremely helpful to my wife in transferring to and from her bed. It was easy to put together and the materials used in its manufacturing are top notch. Highly recommended.”

“The step2bed met all my requirements in terms of stability, structural strength, ease of assembly, and two railings. The railings are offset - one is shorter to allow the user to turn around, sit on the bed and safely swing the legs over the shorter railing and on to the bed.”

“Great product, but it was really large. It took up too much room in our bedroom. But the stool does exactly what it advertises. Just be sure to measure your area and compare with the space you have!”

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