• Pros and Cons of Assisted Living

    While aging in place is popular amongst many seniors, some chose to move to assisted living facilities in their older years instead. It can be stressful for a senior to decide whether they want to move into an assisted living facility or not, but assisted living facilities are a great middle-ground between aging in place and a nursing home as seniors can get the assistance they need, but they don’t need the high level of care that a nursing home offers.
  • What Is Case Management, and Why Is It Important To Seniors

    Happy Case Management Week! Case Management week was celebrated nationally between October 11th and 17th. The purpose of  National Case Management Week 2020 (NCMW2020) is to recognize, acknowledge, and show appreciation for case managers, caregivers, and other care centered professionals throughout the united states. 

  • Using Technology For Seniors

    Using Technology For Seniors - iPhones and Useful AppsBeing Tech Savy as a senior citizen can be incredibly difficult, especially since technology ...
  • Conversations With My Grandma

    Growing up, my grandma played a huge part in my life. I vividly remember playing on the farm she spent her adulthood in — I was always so eager to ...
  • Taking Care of Yourself Holistically While Aging in Place

    It can be easy to oversimplify aging as a time in your life in which you can no longer function on your own. This, of course, is extremely incorrect. In today’s modern world, aging in place is more viable than ever as long as you take a holistic approach to self-care.
  • Establishing Healthy Eating Habits While Aging in Place

    More and more elderly people are discovering that aging in place is a viable option. If you are a senior who is thinking of choosing this living arrangement, though, you need to make sure that aging in place won’t pose any difficulties when it comes to your health. This, of course, includes fulfilling your nutritional needs. 
  • Aging In Place - Exercise Tips For Seniors (During A Global Pandemic)

    As COVID-19  has taken over the world, many have been following CDC guidelines and have committed to self quarantining in order to reduce the spread of the virus. While some have come to enjoy staying at home (and while staying at home can definitely be fun) others have become stir crazy. Many people have taken walks during the pandemic, but if COVID-19 is severe in your area, you may feel reluctant to go out in public.
  • Is Aging In Place Viable With Dementia?

    As more aging-friendly home solutions become available, more and more seniors are choosing to age in place. However, this decision does not come as easily for elderly people with dementia. This isn’t a surprise since having dementia comes with specific needs that don’t apply to other seniors. 
  • Coronavirus Pandemic and Senior Living

    Over the past few weeks, you have likely been dealing with a bit of information overload. The world has been facing a global pandemic, and it may feel like no matter what you do, it is impossible to avoid the news.  Since the outbreak spread around the world, we have seen many different reactions to the pandemic, some individuals go about their daily routines as if nothing has happened and some go into apocalypse mode, hoarding food (and of course, toilet paper).
  • Top 6 Challenges Caretakers Face

    Being a caretaker is one of the most rewarding careers one can have. You dedicate all of your time and energy every day to help others. You work in a field that requires you to be selfless and to be ready to interact with others almost 24/7. You may love your job, but any caretaker can tell you that it is a difficult job. Whether you are caring for a loved one or someone you had no initial relationship with, we understand the constant struggle you may experience. We compiled the top 5 challenges caretakers face.

  • Where to Research DIY Home Fall Preventions

    Falling is one of the most common causes of injuries in older adults. In fact, 1 in 4 Americans ages 65+ fall every year. When someone falls in their youth, they are often able to recover with only a few scratches; as a senior, falling can lead to serious injury or even death. Falling is a serious cause for concern in older age, so it is important to take preventative measures to make sure you or a senior you know is as safe as possible. One way to help reduce the risk of falls is to know where to research DIY home fall prevention. By knowing what resources are available, you can live a safer life and ideally make your home fall free. Below are some resources for fall prevention.
  • Taking the Steps Towards Aging In Place

    Old age — it’s a harsh reality that everyone eventually faces. The media has stigmatized old age as a bad thing. Some may view seniors as old babies who can’t function on their own. What the younger folks don’t realize is that even when a senior has joined the 65+ crowd, it doesn’t mean they suddenly become ignorant and incapable of living on the