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Step Stool with Handrails

What Are Step Stools with Handrails? How Can You Use Them?

Step Stool with Handrails


A senior may need a step stool all over the house. However, each area has its specific requirement; thus, it is essential to understand the different step stools available. Two of the most common types are the bath step stool with handrails and the bed step stool with handrails.  

Bath Step Stool with Handrails: A great example of step stool is the step2tub. It helps seniors who have mobility issues get in and out of the bath safely. The handrails easily clamp onto the tub’s edge, allowing the individual to balance better while getting in the tub, thus giving them more independence and making aging in place easier.  

Bed Step Stools with Handrails: The step2bed is one of the ideal choices for helping seniors be more independent in the bedroom. Available in three different types, the standard model, the step2bed XL with a broader step, and the step2bed mini that is designed for compact places. This kind of step stool is becoming a must-have in most seniors’ houses as it can also be beneficial in other rooms of the house, for example, when you need to reach something stored on the upper shelves of the kitchen. 

How to Choose the Best Step Stool with Handle for the Elderly?  

With so many different variants and choices, picking the best step stool can sometimes seem daunting. However, paying a little attention to the senior’s needs and the features and designs of the stools you consider, can help make choosing the right step stool easier. We believe that every step stool for the elderly should be a heavy-duty step stool with handrails. Apart from this, there are a few additional points you need to keep in mind while shopping for the best step stool with handles for the elderly.  

  • What Should Be the Size and Number of Steps in a Bed Step Stool? 

A compact step stool would be your best bet when you have limited space in the bedroom. These do not take up too much room and are easy to store. However, if the elderly in question have mobility issues, it is best to get a step stool with a handle that has a broader step as it helps give them better balance and a sense of safety. The number of steps needed on the stool would depend on the elevation required.  

  • When to Consider Portable Step Stools with Handrails? 

If you want a versatile stool that you can easily move around the house, consider a collapsible and lightweight option. Portable step stools with handrails are helpful in almost all the rooms of the house, and others in the home can also use them, making them an excellent long-term investment.  

  • Why Having a Rubber Grip with Handrails Essential? 

If you have already decided to use a step stool with a safety handrail, then going the extra mile and getting one with a rubber grip is essential. The rubber gripping on the stool and on the handrail give it extra traction preventing the entire stool from slipping when in use.  

  • Is Step Stool with a Padded Step More Comfortable? 

Yes, a step stool with a padded step is more comfortable for seniors to use and makes the stools less slippery, which can be a greatly beneficial feature for seniors looking for an added bit of safety. 

  • Are Height Adjustable Bed Step Stools Better?   

A step stool that is height adjustable can be handy if you want to get more out of the same item. Such stools are helpful in different areas of the house. 

  • Do Heavy-duty Step Stools Have Weight Holding Capacity? 

Yes, heavy-duty step stools with handles have a higher weight holding capacity. If the senior using the stool is not very heavy, it is best to look into more portable options with a surprisingly high weight holding capacity. Keep in mind that any step stool with handles that you choose should have a weight carrying capacity of at least 500 pounds to ensure that the senior can safely use it for a longer period.  

  • What Are Most Used Materials for Step Stools? 

The most commonly found step stools are wood, steel, or hard plastic. While plastic may be portable, it is not as durable as metal or wooden stools and usually have lower weight holding capacities. A steel step stool with handles is a desirable option as it can last for a long time and is heavier, reducing the probability of the stool tipping over.  

  • Why Do You Need to Measure the Surface of the Stool? 

The area available on the stool’s surface is also crucial as it dictates whether the senior can place one or both feet in space. When the base of the stool is wide enough to accommodate both feet, it gives the senior a little more balance and stability when climbing up and down from the bed or in and out of the bath.  

At step2health, we have separated the available step stools with handles by weight and height and room type to find the best one for your needs quickly. 

How Are Step Stools with Handles Different from Normal Step Stools? 

Step stools with handrails offer added safety and convenience when climbing up or getting off a platform. Unlike normal step stools, these have an ergonomic design, keeping in mind the unique needs of the elderly, making them the preferred choice. Solid handles can hold your weight and offer support as you find your balance when pulling yourself up. This is an extremely important feature for the elderly, and it is best to invest in a step stool with two handrails as they can also double as bed rails for the elderly, giving the piece a dual usage. Bed and bathtub stools for seniors must have handles and other crucial safety and comfort features. Handles reduce the probability of falling. Normal step stools do not usually come with handrails making it a challenge for seniors with mobility issues to maintain their balance without the extra support of the handrails.  

For more information, readHow Bed Step Stools for the Elderly Are Different from Normal Step Stools.  

What are the Benefits of Having Step Stools with Handles for Seniors?  

Aging in place is a scary option, especially if the senior is alone at home. Having a step stool in the house can be very beneficial as it makes carrying out daily activities easier and safer for the individual. Here are a few important reasons why safety step stools are a must-have in any house that has a senior.  

Improves balance: A bedside step stool or bathtub step with handles gives the senior a place to hold onto that is essential for them to maintain their balance while getting into the bathtub or climbing into bed. Better balance results in lower fall-related injuries, which helps make the process of aging in place much easier for the senior.  

Provides lift: The handles on the step stool help seniors give themselves more lift when getting on and off the step stool. This feature makes it safer for seniors to do simple tasks like getting in and out of bed or the bath independently.  

Reduces the risk of falling: WHO states that almost 20-30% of older people who have a fall in the United States of America will suffer from moderate to severe injuries, including bruises, hip fractures, or head trauma. Step stools with handles help reduce the risk of falls, thus making it safer for the individual to age in place.  

Reduces pressure on joints: The physical, cognitive, and sensory changes that come with aging are one of the main reasons for mobility issues in seniors. With the help of safety step stools with handles, individuals can take the pressure off their joints and put it on the handles of the steps.  

Reduces the height of the bed or bathtub: With the help of a step stool, seniors can reduce the distance between the floor and the bed or the top of the bathtub making it easier to navigate their way through the typical day-to-day activities.  

Handrails provide added support: Handrails are a necessary addition to step stools for seniors. It gives them an added bit of support that makes climbing onto the step safer and more accessible for seniors. Choosing a step stool with a specialized rubber grip can help seniors get a firmer hold on the bar and increase the stool’s level of safety.  

Glow in the dark tips: Moving around the bedroom and bathroom is difficult enough during the day, and when you factor in the darkness of night, the stool itself can become a safety hazard. Glow in the dark tips that are either part of some step stools with handles or that you can purchase separately can help seniors understand where the bed or bath step stool is and avoid that area while going in and out of the room. These tips are usually made with strong rubber making them durable. They also help give the stools an extra bit of stability and protect your floor simultaneously.  

Slip-resistance steps: Safety step stools with handles that feature padded or slip resistance steps help to reduce traction, in turn minimizing the risk of the stool or the senior slipping while getting on or off the step stool.  

Prolonged independence: One of the major benefits of having a step stool with handles at home when a senior wants to age in place is that it helps them be more independent for longer. Not having to depend on others for day-to-day tasks like sleeping and bathing can positively impact the seniors’ mental health, making them happier and more relaxed as they age.  

Choose the perfect option from our wide variety of step stools with handles for the elderly for a high-quality, durable product.


How to choose the best step stool with handles for the elderly?

You can choose the best bed and bathroom step stool with a handle by researching a stool’s height-adjustability, portability, size, number of steps, material, design, how easy or difficult it is to assemble, and the price of the stool. 

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What kind of material should a proper step stool be?

Step stools primarily come in wood, plastic, and steel materials. The strongest and most dependable out of these is steel. Crafted from reinforced steel, they are resistant to wear and tear and last for a longer period. A steel step stool also supports additional weight.  

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Can I use the handrail to lift myself onto the step?

The primary function of the bedside step stools with handrails is to give you the added bit of support that is essential while climbing up and down the step. The added support makes climbing up the step easier and safer as it helps you maintain your balance and reduces the risk of falls.  

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