Sleep Safely: Proven to Reduce Night-time Falls

Our Story

Our Story-Step2Health

“Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.” – David Bowie

Step2health offers products in the health and wellness field that help improve people’s lives and increase the safety of seniors as they independently age in place.

The Step2bed was our initial product which turned into a nationwide success.  The step2tub, step2bed mini and step2bed XL are our latest devices geared to help seniors remain independent longer and reduce their risk of falls in their home.

The Founder

Vince Baiera started his career working as an ICU Nurse at The Cleveland Clinic and Duke University Hospital in the Cardiac ICU. After working as a traveling ICU Nurse, Vince stepped away from nursing to pursue Healthcare Consulting and Teaching.

After teaching for one and a half years at the Central Nursing College in Los Angeles, CA, Vince moved on to start Baiera Wellness Products, a Product Development Company. Witnessing the struggles of his own grandparents due to mobility issues and falls, Vince developed the step2bed to help solve this problem.

Message from our Founder, Vince Baiera:

“My grandparents were getting older and struggling with mobility issues. They both had fall injuries when getting in and out of bed over the years. Everyone has seen it in their families; as your loved ones age, they slow down. 

As an ICU nurse, I always used to say, ‘Father Time beats us all.’

Having seen these problems upfront, I wanted to create a product that could help all seniors reduce their risk of falls. The idea was to help people remain independent longer and safely age in place, in the comfort of their homes.

Focusing on fall prevention while getting in and out of bed and addressing the safety and mobility issue, we created the step2bed.

Anyone with mobility issues can benefit from the step2bed. With over 1 million knee and hip surgeries a year, there are a lot of people who struggle with recovery and need help to get in-and-out of bed safely.

We focused on simplicity and functionality and spared no expense in the production. And here we are, excited about all the people we can help, worldwide!”

The step2bed is truly a safe, easy & worry-free experience!

How is the step2bed different?

The step2bed is fundamentally different from a bed rail. Bed rails block the entrance of a bed and keep the user from falling out of bed. With perpendicular handrails and an extra-wide step, the step2bed creates a pathway of entry to get in-and-out of bed safely.  

  • The step2bed has received five patents for its unique design and functionality.
  • Compared to a standard step stool, the step2bed has 3x as much surface area with two grab bars to create a safe platform for the senior when in use.
  • The step2bed supports up to 400 lbs. of weight and comes with an extra-wide step, height adjustability, motion sensor LED light, and steel support grab bars.
  • The step2bed allows individuals to remain at home with the same bed they have used for years and delays the need for any major home modifications or relocation to a different bed or environment.  

Why choose Step2health?

Our Mission

Our mission is to help every senior age in place independently for as long as possible while reducing their risk of falls.

With thoughtful designs and quality materials, we aim our products to help maintain health, well-being and improve function among seniors. By addressing age-related problems like falls and other mobility issues that may otherwise lead to injuries, we believe in creating comfort with mobility aids while aging in place.


Our Vision

Our vision encompasses our values and beliefs where we –

  • Strive to act with integrity and respect.
  • Believe in transparency and keep open lines of communication.
  • Offer high-quality products at fair prices for the benefit of our customers.
  • Exceed expectations and be the best in providing excellent customer service.

A Family Business, A Product For Family Members

We are a small family business, and the product has personally impacted me and been used in my family. My grandmother used the product first (90 yr old) to reduce falls in her assisted living room. She personally credits it with preventing numerous falls. My wife used the product while on bedrest for 5 months during a difficult pregnancy and following her C-section birth to help her in-and-out of bed easier. Now, my toddler children, Rocky & Leo, use the product to help climb into bed and make it safer in our home. We hope it can serve your family as well to create a safer living environment for all who use it.