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Bed Rails for the Elderly

What is Bed Rail?

Bed rails for seniors are assistive devices that usually fit on to the sides of the bed to reduce the risk of falling or rolling out of bed for seniors in their sleep. Bed rails are also helpful for the elderly with restricted mobility as they provide support while shifting positions or getting in and out of bed. Adult bed rails come in various types and can usually be attached or removed as needed. Standard bed rails and portable bed rails are the two main types of bed rails that you can choose from. 

Bed rails can help the elderly become more independent by allowing them to do away with the fear of getting stuck in bed. The step2bed works wonderfully as a bed rail for seniors. 

It has two vertical  grab bars that provide proper grip and support to the elderly when they want to get in or out of bed. It also has a height-adjustable step, with a non-slip coating, that shortens the distance between the floor and the bed, making the experience safer and a lot more comfortable. The step2bed and all its variants are portable and easy to install. 

What Are the Types of Bed Rails?

While bed rails for seniors are essential for safety, often these bed rails become a restraint by blocking access when one needs to step in and out of bed regularly. For older adults who suffer from incontinence and need to visit the toilet regularly, standard bed rails can pose a problem as they completely block the side of the bed. The step2bed and its variants are better choices as bed rails as they help tackle these mobility and bed safety issues.

The step2bed variants work as portable bed rails and come in different dimensions that suit your room size and the height and weight of your bed. The different types of bed rails have features for everyone looking for specific comfort and safety options in bed rails for the elderly.


  • The step2bed is an adjustable bed rail for seniors to suit all bed types, including high beds. It features padded grab bars, a wide landing base, non-slip feet, and motion-activated light for safety at night. Made of industrial steel, the step2bed can bear up to 400 lbs. in weight. 
  • The step2bed XL offers the same advantages as the regular variant but with a greater weight-bearing capacity (800 lbs.) and a wider step. This bariatric option is best suited for seniors looking for an extra-wide landing base of reinforced steel. 
  • When space in the bedroom is a constraint, choose the step2bed Mini for its compact size yet robust design created to bear 300 lbs. The soft foam padded grab bars are excellent for support, and the non-slip step ensures you get in and out of bed safely.

The step2bed and all its variants are portable, easy to install, and are suited to all bed types.

What are the features to Consider Before Purchasing a Bed Rail?

Bed Rails for the Elderly

Bed railing for the elderly, like the step2bed, comes with various features. Here’s what to look for while buying the best bed rails for seniors.

Safety bed rails for adults like the adjustable hospital bed rail should meet the FDA regulations as they are considered medical devices. If you choose a portable bed rail for regular use, a mobility assistive device, like the step2bed, is an excellent option for bed safety. 

Sturdy Design

A sturdy design made for safe entry and exit from the bed should be your top priority. In this case, step2bed’s unique design outshines standard bed rails as it shortens the distance between the floor and the bed with a step, thus reducing falls caused by miss-stepping. It is made from heavy-duty reinforced steel, making it a safe choice.

Grab Bars for Support

The grab bars should support sitting up or lying down in bed. Step2bed’s perpendicular padded handrails give a good grip and distribute the weight from your lower limbs to help you get in and out of bed safely. 

Ease of Access

Traditional bed rails for seniors block access to the bed, making getting in and out challenging for those with restricted mobility. However, step2bed creates a safe pathway with a step to get into bed. The elderly can get in and out of bed as frequently as needed without a hitch.

Night Safety

The motion-activated light of step2bed comes in very handy at night by illuminating the area around the bed. Thus, it reduces the chances of tripping or falling in the dark.

Room Type

The size of the room also influences the type of bed rail you purchase. If you have a large room, you can choose a larger bed rail, but a smaller portable bed rail is a good option if you have limited space to move around.

Why Are Bed Rails Necessary?

Bed rails are necessary for the main purpose of the safety of the elderly, especially if they live alone. Bed rails for the elderly also provide assistance and support for seniors who struggle with mobility issues. The benefits of bed rails are overwhelming.

  • Bed rails may be necessary for the elderly if they struggle with impaired mobility.
  • Seniors who are injured or recovering from surgery may benefit from bed rails, as they make it easier to get in and out of bed without putting too much strain on your muscles. 
  • Seniors who have high beds should definitely consider bed rails.
  • For seniors who want to be more independent, bed rails are a good choice.

What Are the Benefits of Bed Rails?

Adding a sense of safety and security goes a long way in empowering the elderly and allowing them to stay independent. Safety bed rails can do just that. The benefits of bed rails include the following:

  • Bed rails help reduce falls in the elderly.
  • They help the elderly to get in and out of bed safely.
  • They provide assistance for the elderly to shift positions in bed safely.
  • The step2bed reduces the distance between the bed and the floor, making it easier for the elderly to get in and out of bed.
  • The grab bars of the step2bed are sturdy and easy to grip, providing additional safety and support.
  • Bed rails provide easy access to bed controls.
  • Motion-activated LED lights on bed rails can help avoid unwanted scrapes and bumps in the dark as they illuminate the area around it, making the bed rails easy to spot.

How to Choose a Bed Rail for Seniors?

When choosing the best bed rails for the elderly, it is important to consider your specific needs. Each bed rail has something to offer. Consider some key elements to find the best fit for you.

  • Ease of access – a good bed rail should not block access to the bed but provide a pathway to get in and out of bed safely.
  • Sturdiness – a good bed rail is sturdy, does not buckle, and can hold your weight.
  • Foam padding – the grab bars of the bed rail should be padded with foam for comfortable grip.
  • Portability – bed rails for adults should be easy to move around as and when needed.
  • Adjustable height – good bed rails can be adjusted to fit all bed types, especially high beds.

Where to Purchase Bed Rails?

Safety bed rails like the step2bed and all its variants are available online at the step2health website. These bed rails are not available in physical stores. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have and clear all doubts with us before buying adult bed rails.

How to Pay for Bed Rails?

There are a number of ways by which you can pay for bed rails. If you're wondering if Medicare pays for bed rails, the answer is no. Medicare does not pay for bed rails as they are not considered durable medical equipment. However, Medicare does pay for hospital beds, so you can technically get a bed with rails attached. You can also check with your private insurer about the cost of bed rails.

There are other alternatives. The cost of bed rails can be covered through credit cards, payment plans, or any other method of payment that is convenient to you.

What to Do After Choosing a Bed Rail?

Once you have purchased the step2bed, you can go through the PDF manual to understand how it works and how to set it up. Bed rails for older adults come with instructions on how to install them. Some have clasps, while others may have straps and clips.

It is important to read the instructions carefully and install the bed rails correctly to ensure the safety of seniors in your home and prevent any unwanted accidents.

It is also important to carefully consider the position of the safety bed rail before you install it to make it as easy and as convenient as possible for the elderly to use.


    Are Bed Rails Safe for the Elderly?

    Yes, bed rails are safe for the elderly. They help reduce the risk of falls for the elderly. Picking a safety bed rail that best fits their needs is the safest option. Bed rails that completely block off the side of the bed may cause entrapment and can lead to unwanted accidents. These should not be used if seniors suffer from disorientation or Alzheimer's. Seniors who suffer from conditions like these may suffer panic attacks if they find themselves "trapped" in bed. 

    These bed rails are also not advisable for seniors who frequently need to visit the restroom.

    What Are Bed Rail Alternatives?

    A bed rail alternative that you can use is step2bed. The step2bed and all its variants are suitable alternatives to standard bed rails. They do not block access to the bed but instead provide a safe pathway in and out of bed. They are made of reinforced steel and are incredibly sturdy. The step2bed also has a non-slip platform and two perpendicular grab bars that provide additional safety and support to the elderly when they climb up or get down. The motion sensor LED lights blink in the dark, making the bed rails easier to spot.

    How Much Do Bed Rails Cost?

    Standard bed rails can cost anything between $40 to $100. The cost of bed rails also depends on the type of bed rail you purchase.

    The step2bed regular costs $159. It can withstand up to 400 pounds.

    The step2bed mini costs $119 and can withstand up to 200 pounds.

    The step2bed XL costs $179 and can withstand up to 800 pounds.

    If you need something in a lower range, you can try the step2bed refurbished bed rail, which is more affordable but is every bit as safe and sturdy as any of the other bed rails.

    Do Bed Rails Prevent Falls?

    Bed rails are one of the most used ways to reduce the risk of falls. They act as a barrier keeping the elderly sleeping safely in bed. The bars of the bed rails also assist the elderly while getting in and out of bed. Having these bars to hold on to for support can increase the confidence of the elderly and help them feel safer and at ease. However, it is important to choose the right bed rails for seniors to prevent falls.

    How Will the Bed Rail Be Used?

    When learning how to use a bed rail, it is important to read the manual and the safety instructions that come with it. Follow the steps carefully to install the safety bed rails. Each bed rail is different and may have different attachment mechanisms. Once the bed rail is attached securely, it can be used for support while getting in and out of bed. It can also be used as a grab bar to help you shift positions in bed. The step2bed is a portable bed rail that also comes with a step that you can use to shorten the distance between the floor and the bed.

    When Should You Not Use a Bed Rail?

    Seniors who struggle with Alzheimer's, dizziness, and disorientation are advised not to use bed rails. While bedside rails for adults are useful and can keep the elderly sleeping safely in bed, few risks are involved when using standard bed rails. Safety bed rails for adults are designed to help them with ease of motion. Standard bed rails can "trap" the elderly inside, and they can become anxious, leading to a panic attack. In some cases, they can get so desperate to get out of bed that it may lead to falls and serious injuries.