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Perks Of Entering Retirement, And Activities You Can Do In Retirement

Whether you retired yesterday or many years ago, retirement is a stage in life that many seniors eventually reach. However, when some seniors retire, they may be anxious about what they can do with all of the extra time they have on their hands. Some seniors may even begin to feel restless, bored, lonely, or even sad as they move into retirement. Retirement is a monumental life change, but there are many perks to explore and plenty of activities you can do, even in older age.

Retirement Perk: You can decide your own hours

Whether you are in an office job that operates 9-5 or working in a trade, you are likely spending many hours a day working. You may have a set schedule from your manager, or you create your own schedule, but in retirement, all hours of the day are up to you as to how you want to spend them. The world is your Oyster!.

Retirement Activity: Catch up on those TV shows you’ve been meaning to watch

Retirement doesn’t have to mean you spend all your time doing monumental activities! These days, many individuals are turning to subscription services to watch the shows and movies they’ve been eager to see. Many streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus are under $15 per month, making it much cheaper than a cable TV subscription.

Retirement Perk: No more dates and deadlines

Depending on your career, you may have had to deal with constant dates and deadlines to work with. In retirement, you have no quarterly goals to hold up to! No more scrambling to get a project done, no more waiting on your coworkers, and no more worrying about staying on top of everything!

Retirement Activity: Remodel your home

Now that you have much more time on your hands, consider remodeling your home! Better yet, remodel your home to make it aging in place friendly! There a plenty of resources you can use on the internet to find ideas on making your home aging in place friendly. Companies like Active Homes will do all the work for you and make your home functional and beautiful.

Retirement Perk: You can spend more time with your grandchildren:

Grandchildren are some of the most precious people in many senior’s life, and they just grow up too darn fast! In retirement, you can cherish more moments with your grandchildren since you have more time to spend with them. If you need a little help brainstorming. Southern Living has some suggestions for fun things you can do with your grandchildren.

Retirement Activity: Volunteer

Volunteering is a fantastic activity for those who want to give back to their community. In retirement, all hours of the day are up to you, and choosing to volunteer is an excellent way to spend your time. Volunteering is great because you can choose the level of involvement you want to take as a volunteer, and you’re doing something nice for the community around you.

Some great volunteer suggestions are:

  • Volunteer at a local library
  • Volunteer at National Park
  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter or at a transitional home.
  • Organize a fundraiser for your favorite charity

Retirement Con: Boredom

If you’re working a full-time job up until retirement, you are probably used to having busy days up to seven days per week. In retirement, every day is a weekend and the amount of free time you have can quickly become boring. Some seniors may become depressed or feel lost after they retire. While these feelings are completely normal, it’s important to seek out counseling if feelings of sadness and loneliness become intolerable.

...Or, If you have to work, or enjoy working, that’s okay too!

Some individuals simply enjoy working, and if that’s you, then great! Retirement doesn’t have to be for everyone and if you enjoy working, keep going! If you don’t need to work but like to work, consider taking up a part-time job or reducing your hours at your current position.

There are many pros and cons to returning, but ultimately the decision is yours. Before you retire, consider meeting with a financial advisor to see financially how returning will change your life.

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