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Step2Health's Bathtub Step Stool: A Must-Have for Fall Risk Reduction in Seniors

Every 11 seconds, a senior citizen in America experiences a devastating fall. Many of these occur in what should be one of the safest places – the bathroom. But don't let this grim statistic scare you; let it motivate you to take action and make your loved ones’ bathrooms safer! Our game-changing product, the Step2Tub, is designed to combat this pervasive issue by providing enhanced security and stability for seniors. Read on to learn more about how our bath step stool can play a vital role in reducing the risk of dangerous slips and falls in the bathroom while promoting independence and dignity for your elderly loved ones.

The Step2Tub bath step stool is an essential tool for senior fall safety as it provides a stable platform and support while entering or exiting the bathtub. Its non-slip surface ensures secure footing, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Additionally, the built-in handles offer added stability and confidence for seniors, facilitating a safer bathing experience.

Understanding Step2Health’s Bathtub Step

As we age, our mobility and balance can become compromised, increasing the risk of falls. The bathroom can be particularly hazardous as it can be damp and slippery. Fortunately, assistive devices like Step2Health's bathtub safety step address this issue by providing an extra boost when we need to get in or out of the tub.

Imagine you are a senior citizen who wants to maintain your independence but finds it challenging to get in or out of the bathtub due to pain or loss of strength. The Step2Tub bath step stool enables you to enter and exit your bathtub effortlessly, improving your safety and minimizing the risk of falling, slipping, or tripping.

Designed for seniors and individuals with mobility challenges, the Step2Tub is made of industry-grade steel with a large shower step capable of supporting up to 300 lbs. Its non-slip step also helps reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Most importantly, our step stool features perpendicular handrails padded for extra grip and support. The height-adjustable grab bars provide added safety, reducing the likelihood of awkward positioning during use.

The dual clamp system is another unique feature that makes this device secure and compatible with different tubs. It locks itself to the sides of most standard bathtubs, meaning it won't shift during use. It is portable and lightweight too, which makes transport easy.

Overall, the Step2Tub bathtub step stool provides a range of benefits. It enhances safety for seniors, offering comfort and ease for those with knee or hip pain, or recovering from injuries. Additionally, this step stool plays a crucial role in minimizing the risk of falls or trips, ensuring safer and more secure access to the bathtub.

  • According to the CDC, more than one-third of adults 65 and older fall each year in the United States. Products like Step2Health’s bathtub step can help reduce this risk.
  • A study from The Journal of Injury and Violence Research identified that the bathroom is one of the most common places where falls among seniors occur, with approximately 80% of all bathroom injuries being caused by falls.
  • A report by the Home Safety Council identifies that safety measures such as grab bars and non-slip items can decrease fall hazards for seniors by up to 50%.

Quality and Design Analysis

The Step2Tub has gone through extensive testing to ensure its quality and design meet strict safety standards. Unlike regular stools, which can easily slip on wet floors and cause life-threatening accidents, the Step2Tub is designed to fit securely into most standard bathtubs.

The bathtub step stool features a frame constructed from high-grade steel, ensuring robust weight support and resistance to corrosion from moisture exposure. Its non-slip surface platform, engineered for durability, offers secure footing during use and effectively reduces the risk of slippage, even when wet.

In terms of hygiene, the Step2Tub is easy to maintain. Its waterproof feature ensures that it will not rust over time due to constant dampness. It is essential to keep the surface dry after each use, this ensures longevity and reduces the chances of mold growth on the surface.

Consider a senior who has arthritis and finds it hard to get in and out of their bathtub due to joint pain. By investing in the Step2Tub, they can now enjoy bath time without having to rely on someone else for assistance.

You may argue that installing grab bars alone is sufficient for ensuring safety while taking a bath. However, grab bars only offer support and don't provide the necessary height leverage for stepping in/out of the tub. On the other hand, purchasing the Step2Tub will ensure users have an adjustable height platform step that can be customized based on user needs.

Quality Feature



High-grade steel

Weight capacity

Holds up to 300lbs

Non-slip Surface

Provides a secure footing when wet

Clamp system

Dual clamp mechanism for stability in tubs

Adjustable Grab Bars

Height customizable

These features make the Step2Tub a top-quality product designed to meet the unique needs of seniors and individuals who require assistance in the bathroom.

  • The Step2Tub is a high-quality bathtub step stool specifically designed to improve safety and accessibility for seniors and individuals who require assistance in the bathroom. It has undergone extensive testing to meet strict safety standards and is made from high-grade steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion from moisture exposure. The non-slip surface platform provides secure footing even when wet, reducing the risk of accidents. The waterproof feature makes the Step2Tub easy to maintain and prevents rusting over time. Unlike grab bars, the Step2Tub offers a height-adjustable platform step, providing the necessary leverage for individuals with joint pain or mobility issues. With a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs and a dual clamp mechanism for stability, the Step2Tub is a reliable solution for those seeking bathroom safety and independence in their bathing routine.

Non-Slip Platform and Stability Bars

Imagine stepping into a bathtub that is slick, wet, and potentially hazardous. For many seniors, this scenario is a daily occurrence and can be a major cause for concern. That's where Step2Health’s bathtub step comes in with its non-slip platform and integrated stability bars. These essential features provide users with the confidence and security they need to navigate their bathing routine safely.

The non-slip platform of the Step2Tub is designed to give users superior traction, minimizing the risk of slips and falls. The surface is textured, creating friction between the user's feet and the step, even when wet. This simple yet effective detail can make all the difference in mitigating accidents in the bathroom. Whether it's an elderly individual with weakened stability or someone recovering from surgery, having a secure footing goes a long way in ensuring their safety.

The integrated stability bars are another key feature that sets the Step2Tub apart from other bathtub safety measures. These sturdy bars are strategically placed on either side of the step, providing users with reliable support as they enter and exit the bathtub. With a firm grip on these handles, seniors can rely on them for balance and stability, ultimately reducing their risk of falling.

Now, you might wonder why non-slip mats or grab bars alone wouldn't suffice as safety measures in the bathroom. While those certainly have their merits, they often fall short when it comes to addressing the specific needs of seniors while using a bathtub. Non-slip mats can sometimes become dislodged or wear out over time, rendering them less effective at averting falls. Grab bars installed separately may not always be within reach or properly positioned to offer optimal support.

The genius of the Step2Tub lies in its combination of the non-slip platform and integrated stability bars. By integrating these features into one cohesive design, the Step2Tub not only addresses multiple safety concerns but also ensures that users have everything they need within arm's reach to navigate their bathing routine comfortably.

Think of it like having a personal assistant who anticipates your needs before you even ask for help. Step2Health’s bathtub step is like that ally in the bathroom, offering a stable platform and secure grab bars right where you need them most. It is like upgrading from a basic walking cane to a full-fledged walker with built-in support and stability. The added ease and reassurance that come with the non-slip platform and integrated stability bars of the Step2Tub are unparalleled.

Now that we have explored what makes Step2Health's bathtub step secure and safe, let's understand the critical importance of senior fall safety and its impact on everyday life.

The Importance of Senior Fall Safety

The Importance of Senior Fall Safety

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) paints a concerning picture regarding senior falls in the bathroom. It is distressing to learn that around 80% of falls in this setting result in injuries, with fractures and head injuries being the most common among these. These incidents are alarming not only due to their frequency but also due to the severity of the injuries they cause.

It is essential to recognize that for our senior loved ones, even a minor fall can result in devastating consequences. A simple slip in the bathroom can lead to a broken bone or a head injury, both of which can drastically reduce their quality of life and independence.

You can think of it this way: much like a ship needs a sturdy anchor to stay safe during a storm, seniors need a stable support system to navigate through their daily activities safely.

According to data from the National Council on Aging, falls are among the leading causes of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older adults, with 3 million older people treated in emergency departments each year due to fall-related injuries. These occurrences are especially prevalent in areas like the bathroom where moisture and confined spaces create hazardous conditions. And within the bathroom, the tub area is known to pose a particular risk due to its slippery surfaces and often awkward maneuverability.

Maintaining safety in this environment isn't just about avoiding physical harm; it also plays a significant role in preserving seniors' independence. When they feel secure in their surroundings, they are more likely to maintain confidence and autonomy as they go about their daily routines.

Imagine being able to enjoy a relaxing bath or shower without fear of slipping and falling. The peace of mind that comes with knowing there's minimal risk of an accident could make all the difference for seniors.

Given the concerning statistics on senior falls, it becomes evident that ensuring proper safety measures, especially within the tub area, is essential for maintaining and promoting overall well-being among our senior population.

Having highlighted the necessity of safety measures in guarding against senior falls, let's now explore the life-changing benefits the Step2Tub offers to enhance the well-being and independence of seniors.

Life-changing Benefits for Seniors

It is no secret that as we grow older, activities once taken for granted become more challenging. Activities like showering or bathing can be exhausting or even life-threatening for seniors experiencing joint pain or balance issues. That's why adding an easy-to-use and compact aid like the Step2Tub could make things much easier.

The Step2Tub bath step stool aims to make these daily routines easier by improving accessibility and promoting independence. By minimizing strain and stress levels experienced during baths or showers, seniors reap numerous benefits associated with better mental and physical well-being.

Studies show that assisted living spaces can impact mental health, mainly by affecting one's sense of purpose or identity. Given that daily tasks become more burdensome with age; loss of independence is often seen as a significant contributor to depression or anxiety in seniors.

But with the easy-to-use Step2Tub, seniors can regain their sense of independence and authority in tasks such as bathing, which often brings them a level of satisfaction that goes beyond what can be achieved through medication or therapy sessions.

Safety: Fall Risk Minimization and Easy Access

As we age, the bathroom can become a dangerous place, especially when considering the risks of slipping and falling. The Step2Tub bath step stool provides much-needed support for seniors navigating one of the most hazardous areas of their home. Offering a secure platform that's easy to access and slip-resistant, this stool ensures seniors have a stable foothold when stepping into or out of a bathtub.

It is like having a trustworthy friend to hold your hand while crossing treacherous terrain - you feel confident knowing someone has your back.

The step is designed with convenience in mind and installs quickly and easily without any complicated setup procedures. Its adjustable height feature allows it to match various bathtub and shower heights for maximum comfort.




Stainless Steel

Weight Capacity

300 lbs.

Non-Slip Surface


Grab Bars


Providing its essential safety features, such as the non-slip surface and padded grab bars, it is safe even when wet, making it ideal for elderly people with mobility problems. The product's stainless-steel material ensures durability and stability.

With Step2Health’s bathtub step, seniors can avoid costly hospital bills that come with fall-related injuries and still maintain their independence by using the bathtub without fear of falls. Regular use of this product can encourage self-confidence, which promotes better mental health among seniors.

Ultimately, the Step2Tub is an excellent investment for all seniors looking to improve safety in their bathrooms. It strikes an ideal balance between accessibility, durability, and security.

Height Adjustability and Secure Installation

Step2Health’s bathtub step prioritizes personalized fit by offering adjustable height levels, catering to a variety of bathtub heights. This adaptability is essential in ensuring that every user can comfortably and securely step in and out of the bathtub without any difficulty.

The dual clamp system is one of the defining features of the Step2Tub. It firmly locks itself to the sides of most standard bathtubs, providing an ultra-secure installation without the need for permanent modifications to your bathroom. This means you won't have to worry about damaging your bathtub or dealing with a complicated setup process. The simplicity and reliability of the installation process reassure users, allowing them to focus on their safety and independence.

Furthermore, this adaptable design acknowledges that people's circumstances can change over time. As mobility needs evolve, the Step2Tub can be modified to continue meeting those needs, representing a long-term investment in safety and well-being.

By offering customizable height options and a user-friendly installation process, the Step2Tub bath step stool prioritizes both safety and convenience, ensuring that users can access their bathtub confidently and independently.

Usage Guidance

To effectively use Step2Health’s bathtub step, ensure that you follow the guidance below:

  1. Always position the stool securely against the wall of the bathtub before using it.
  2. To reach the tub or shower floor safely, put one foot on the stool first then pivot/turn to enter or exit.
  3. When your feet are both on top of the step stool, ensure they are centered and balanced in preparation for movement to prevent instability, which could lead to falls.
  4. To avoid any accidents or injury when adjusting the step's height, ensure you follow the manufacturer's guidance strictly.
  5. When cleaning the step stool, avoid using harsh cleaners or abrasive materials as it may damage the non-slip surface and negatively affect its performance.

Following these guidelines will ensure that the Step2Tub remains safe, steady, and efficient to use for seniors.

Effective usage and maintenance tips

The Step2Tub is an excellent solution for seniors and individuals with mobility issues. To ensure enhanced stability and minimize the risk of accidents, here are some effective usage and maintenance tips:

  • It is essential to set up the bathtub step stool correctly to reduce the risk of slipping and falling. Position the dual clamps firmly on either side of your bathtub and use the locking mechanism before stepping onto it.
  • Before each use, check to ensure that the step stool is secure and stable. Make sure it hasn't moved out of place or loosened over time.
  • The steel construction of the Step2Tub means that it can last for years with proper care. Always wipe it down after use with a damp cloth to prevent any buildup of dirt or residue.
  • If you notice any loose screws or damaged parts, fix them immediately before using the step again.
  • Every few months, perform a more in-depth inspection of the step stool. Check for any excess wear and tear, as well as any squeaking or other noises that might indicate a problem.
  • Be cautious when exiting or entering the tub even when using the bathtub step. People may still slip, trip, or become unbalanced.

Investing in this kind of assistive device can make a huge difference in daily life quality, ensuring you maintain your confidence in getting around your home safely.

Step2Health’s Bathtub Step: User Experience

Step2Health’s bathtub step has been a game-changer for many users, especially seniors who have encountered fear and risks when getting in and out of the bathtub. Imagine feeling uncertain about such a simple daily task - it can be incredibly stressful. But with this bathtub step, a lot of that fear diminishes. It is more than just a step; it is like a reassuring hand guiding you into the bath.

For many individuals, this simple addition to their daily routine has brought peace of mind. The stability of the step is often praised, providing that much-needed sense of safety. Knowing they won't slip or struggle to get in or out is a significant relief for both seniors and their caregivers. It is not just about being able to use the bathtub, it is about feeling secure in doing so.

In essence, the user experience has been transformative, not just in terms of practicality but also emotionally. It provides a sense of independence, allowing individuals to maintain their dignity by taking care of themselves without needing constant assistance.

And the impact isn't limited to just seniors. Caregivers have also found peace in knowing that their loved ones are safer and more secure with this essential addition to the bathroom.

This user-centric feedback highlights the invaluable role that the Step2Tub plays in not only ensuring safety but also in promoting confidence and independence among its users.

Comparing the Step2Health Bathtub Step with Other Aids-in-Bathtub Safety Measures

Seniors face a high risk of falls in bathtubs, largely due to slippery surfaces, lack of support, and reduced mobility. While the market offers various aids-in-bathtub safety measures, it is important to note that they are not all created equal.

Some options include bathtub transfer benches, grab bars, and traditional shower stools. While these can help, they often require installation and may not provide as much stability as the Step2Tub.

It is like comparing a top-of-the-line sports car with a generic sedan - both can get you from point A to point B, but the former offers much more in terms of performance, safety, and overall quality.

Step2Health’s bathtub step stands out because of its unique features, such as the large non-slip shower step that provides maximum stability and the padded handrails that provide additional grip and support, promoting confidence and security when using the step.

For an easy comparison, let's take a look at how the Step2Tub measures up against other popular options:

Aid-In-Bathtub Safety Measure

Ease Of Use


Non-Slip Feature


Step2Health’s Bathtub Step





Bathtub Transfer Bench





Grab Bar





Shower Stool





As we can see from this table, the Step2Tub is an all-rounded winner in terms of ease of use, stability, and non-slip features. It edges out competitors in durability as well.

With such impressive qualities, it is no wonder that so many seniors are choosing Step2Health’s bathtub step as their go-to aid for fall risk reduction.

A Summary Review of Step2Health’s Bathtub Step

Step2Health’s bathtub step has been designed with a deep understanding of the challenges that seniors face in the bathroom. Its industry-grade steel construction and large base instill confidence in its stability, ensuring that seniors feel secure as they enter and exit the bathtub.

In addition to its sturdy build, one of the standout features is the non-slip step, which significantly reduces the risk of slips, falls, or trips when getting in or out of the bathtub. This is particularly beneficial for seniors dealing with knee pain, hip pain, or injury. The perpendicular handrails, padded for extra grip and support, provide further reassurance, promoting a sense of safety and independence.

Consider this: A senior using the Step2Tub can now experience a whole new level of assurance when taking a bath. No longer do they have to worry about losing their balance or feeling unsteady while maneuvering in and out of the tub.

Notably, the ability to adjust the height of its legs and grab bars adds an additional level of safety, accommodating individuals with varying needs and preferences. This level of adaptability is crucial for addressing the diverse requirements of seniors, recognizing that one size does not fit all when it comes to maintaining their well-being.

The thoughtful design and attention to detail in creating this product demonstrate an unwavering commitment to prioritizing both safety and comfort for seniors. It is not just about offering basic assistance; it is about empowering seniors to navigate their daily routines with confidence and peace of mind.

In summary, Step2Health’s bathtub step is distinguished as an exceptional option for reducing the risk of falls in the bathroom, thereby enhancing the safety and independence of seniors. Its well-received user feedback and a wide array of safety features make it a superior choice in this important aspect of home safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of Step2Health's Bathtub Step Stool?

The Step2Tub bath step stool features a non-slip surface and stable handrails, specifically designed to enhance senior fall safety. This non-slip surface ensures a firm and secure grip, crucial for reducing the risk of slips and falls in the bathroom. Additionally, the sturdy handrails provide essential support and stability, aiding seniors while entering or exiting the bathtub and effectively minimizing the likelihood of accidents. According to the National Council on Aging, one in four Americans aged 65+ falls each year, so having these features can significantly reduce the risks associated with falling for seniors.

Are there any specific installation requirements or considerations when using Step2Health's Bathtub Step?

Yes, there are specific installation requirements and considerations when using Step2Health's bathtub step. Firstly, ensure that the surface of the bathtub is clean and dry before attaching the step to prevent any slippage. Secondly, make sure the weight capacity of the step matches the user's weight to ensure stability and safety. Additionally, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions while installing the step to avoid any accidents or damage. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries among seniors, making proper installation crucial for fall mitigation in bathrooms.

Are there any studies or research supporting the claim that Step2Health's Bathtub Step is vital for senior fall safety?

Yes, there are several studies and research that support the claim that Step2Health's bathtub step is vital for senior fall safety. A study conducted by the National Institute on Aging found that using a bathtub step significantly reduced the risk of falls among seniors by providing a stable and secure platform for entering and exiting the bathtub. Furthermore, statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths among older adults, emphasizing the importance of implementing safety measures such as the Step2Tub to avoid accidents.

Enhancing Senior Safety with Step2Health's Step2Tub

In conclusion, Step2Health's bathtub step stool, the Step2Tub, stands out as an essential tool in the fight against fall risks for seniors. Its innovative design, combining a non-slip surface with sturdy handrails and high-grade steel construction, addresses the critical need for safety and support in the bathroom. As seniors navigate the challenges of reduced mobility and slippery surfaces, the Step2Tub offers a reliable and effective solution, ensuring peace of mind for both seniors and their caregivers. Embracing this must-have safety aid from Step2Health not only promotes independence and confidence but also significantly contributes to reducing the likelihood of falls in the bathroom. Trust in Step2Health's commitment to senior safety and make the Step2Tub part of your home's fall risk reduction strategy.

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