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The Importance of Elderly Care Products

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Aging - Why it is Ok To Use Elderly Care Products

As seniors age, life and basic tasks can become less accessible and the elderly may feel as if they have to limit their day to day activities to a minimum due to limited mobility. More recently, age has been stigmatized as a bad thing and a sign of weakness - becoming a member of the 65+ senior citizen community can be daunting, and may make one feel as if they cannot go about life like how they used to. What some seniors don’t realize is that aging doesn’t have to have the negative connotation it carries, and aging doesn’t have to imply that one has to sacrifice their independence due to their age. By implementing elderly care products into a senior’s life, one can age with ease and transition into older adulthood smoothly. We compiled some of the best elderly care products you or your loved one can implement in the home, to make aging a breeze.

Why Elderly Care Products Are Important

Elderly care products are essential for aging seniors because these products allow them to remain independent for as long as possible. When a senior implements elderly care products into their lives, they are able to age in place and thrive in their own home. By making a few adjustments to a home, and by implementing some elderly care products in one’s life, it can make completing tasks of the day easier and less painful. Without these products, seniors can risk injuries or over exert their bodies, which can have negative lifelong effects on the body, making life less accessible than it was in the first place.

Essential Elderly Care Product - Step Stools For The Bed

 Some of the most popular elderly care products on the market are step stools. Step stools are sold to the elderly for a variety of purposes, some are simply made for the vertically challenged, others serve the purpose of adding more support for the individual. One consequence of aging is that getting in and out of bed can become increasingly difficult when a seniors joints become less forgiving. This is a natural and normal part of aging, but doing something as simple as getting in and out of bed shouldn’t be a burden. The step2bed is great product for those who need an extra boost getting in or out of bed. Equipped with steel grab bars, soft foam padding, a motion activated light, the step2bed is one of the greatest elderly care products out on the market. The step2bed has a weight limit of 400lbs, and has already helped thousands reduce the risk of falls and feel safer in their home.

Essential Elderly Care Product - Step Stools For The Tub Or Shower

Step stools for the tub or the shower are equally as important as they are for the bed. The bathroom poses as a falling hazard for anyone — but for a senior, the potential ramifications of falling can leave them seriously injured, possibly forever. Step stools can reduce the risk of a big accident. There are plenty of step stools on the market, so when shopping for one, assess your needs. Do you need lots of support? If that’s the case, consider looking for a step stool with a grab bar. Similar to the step2bed, this will provide an individual with tons of support so they can get in and out of the tub without a problem. For those who only need a little bit of support, there are plenty of very simple step stools that can be bought on Amazon.

Essential Elderly Care Product - Shower Bars

Even with the implementation of step stools to a bathroom, it can still be a dangerous place for a senior. Shower bars are a great thing to put on the walls of a bath or shower to support a senior when they are getting up from the bath, or while they are taking a shower. High quality shower bars can support up to 500 lbs and are relatively easy to mount to the wall. Even if you think a shower bar isn’t necessary for you, it is still a good idea to install one in your bath. They are relatively affordable and can reduce the risk of serious injury.

Essential Elderly Care Products - Unique Finds

While some of the truly essential elderly care products may seem obvious, there are other products that you may not think to shop for, but are great to implement into a senior’s life. Small products can make a big difference in older age. Here are some of our favorites.

Essential Elderly Care Products - Shower Brush and Non Slip Grip


When it comes to showering, most seniors ideally want to shower on their own. For those who suffer from arthritis, or any other that limits mobility, showering can become a strenuous exercise. A great and inexpensive tool to use is a shower brush. Most shower brushes have long handles so the user can scrub hard to reach places such as the back or feet. Shower brushes allow seniors to have their independence and privacy, while accomplishing their hygiene needs.

It may also be useful for seniors to add non slip grips to their bathtub or shower. The floor of the bath or tub can become especially soapy or slippery, and slipping and falling can lead to serious, possibly life threatening injuries. These non slip grips usually are an adhesive or come in mat form and provide seniors with traction so surfaces become less slippery. Seniors can also adhere bars to the walls of their bath or shower for added support while cleaning.

Essential Elderly Care Product - Mobility Grabber

While using a step stool to get in and out of the bed or tub is great, using a step stool to reach high places can be risky, especially if the step stool has no support. When you need to reach something on the top shelf, or when you need to bend down to pick up something you dropped, stop and grab your grabber instead! A grabber serves as a long arm with a lobster like claw to help you grab hard to reach items.


Essential Elderly Care Product - Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums are all the rage right now, and for a valid reason! Products such as the Roomba autonomously roam around your home and pick up dirt. Roombas are equipped with sensors, so they won’t repeatedly crash into your baseboards. When the vacuum senses that there is no more dirt, it returns to its designated home base. Roombas are easy to clean and hassle free, great for seniors (or anyone)!

Image from Roomba

Essential Elderly Care Products - Key Turner

As a young person, you may never consider that one day doing simple, mundane tasks can become a hassle. Unlocking a door with a key can be difficult and painful for those who suffer from arthritis. Instead of spending thousands on turning your home into a keyless smart home, you can spend $7 for a key turner. Key turners are attachments that go on the top of keys that give more surface area to the key so it is easy to grab and turn.

Vince Baiera

Vince Baiera is the founder of step2health, a mobility aids and wellness company for older adults. He is a former ICU Nurse of the Cleveland Clinic and Duke University Hospital in the Cardiac ICU. With years of working on the frontlines, Vince noticed the struggles of older adults and people with mobility issues that became an impediment for both patients and their caretakers. He then designed and created the patented product, Step2Bed (and its variants) that helps seniors and those with mobility issues safely get in and out of bed. His philosophy concerning aging is to plan ahead and start with simple home and life modifications to avoid being overwhelmed at retirement.

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