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Things to Talk About with Your Grandma

Things to talk about with your grandma

Conversations between children (young or adult) and grandparents can sometimes be difficult to navigate as there are decades of age between a grandchild and their grandmother. Some relationships between grandmothers and their grandchildren may be a bit harder to develop and maintain. That’s why step2health compiled a list of questions to ask your grandma, so the next time you meet with your grandma, or you are a grandmother yourself looking for things to talk about, you can refer back to this crash course list.

Small talk is a great step

Talking to someone significantly older or significantly younger than you may not always feel natural, but a great way to begin a conversation is with some simple small talk. Ask grandma how her day was, or what she has been up to since you last spoke to her. Does she have any new hobbies? Did she discover any new places to eat? Small talk between two individuals, will break most initial tension or awkwardness one may feel around getting a conversation going. Verywellmind has a fantastic list of the 10 Best and Worst Small Talk Topics. Some highlights from Verywellmind include:

DO: Talk about the weather

DO: Talk about family

DON’T: Bring up sensitive topics that you two may disagree on

DON’T: Criticize her appearance, her home, or anything that may set the conversation off on a sour foot.

Questions to ask your grandma

Now that you and your grandma have engaged in some small talk, it’s time to ask her some questions! You don’t need to know your grandmother well to ask her the questions listed below, in fact, you can likely ask any senior these questions! If they feel comfortable and open for a conversation, you are bound to hear some interesting stories.

ASK: During childhood, what did you like to do for fun?

This is a great question to ask grandma as it is an open-ended question that allows your grandmother to say as much or as little as she wants. Your grandmother might tell you a whole story about what she did for fun as a child, or she might keep it brief.

If your grandma tends to be a bit briefer, that’s okay! Take some time to share what you liked to do for fun during your childhood. That way, your grandmother will be able to learn a bit more about you, and she also may be able to tell you some things you can’t remember that happened during your childhood!

ASK: How have you adjusted to adulthood and growing older?

This question needs to be phrased delicately, but it’s a great question to ask your grandma to get a feel for how she is really doing. If you get the sense that your grandma has struggled to adjust to old age, physically and/or psychologically, now is a great time to offer your support and give her some suggestions on how she could potentially age (more) gracefully. If your grandma seems open for a conversation, you can recommend she invest aging in place tools such as bathtub steps, step stools for high beds, and putting nonslip tape on the step of her home. Now is also a great time to educate her on the options of aging in place, or moving into a retirement home, if she hasn’t considered her options ye

ASK: What is your favorite recipe to make to this day

This is a great thing to talk about with your grandmother because you two can exchange recipes! This conversation topic is great if you’re uncomfortable engaging in more personal conversations and allows you the opportunity to learn more about your grandmother’s likes or dislikes.

ASK: What is the biggest life lesson you think you have learned thus far?

This is a deeper question to ask your grandma, but many seniors are incredibly wise and have been on this earth for quite a while. Odds are, they have learned a couple of lessons along the way. If your grandma cannot think of a life lesson, it’s important to be patient with her. If anything, you can always start the conversation yourself and chat through some of the biggest lessons you have learned, which may even lead to more side conversations of additional things to talk about with your grandma.

The age gap between grandparents and their grandchildren does not have to seem as big as it appears. It can be great to have a conversation with someone who has lived a completely different life than you!

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