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Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Aging

As seniors age, there are many key important facts to remember, check out our list of the top 5 facts you need to know about aging.

1. Physical changes associated with aging are normal!

Cardiovascular changes

Physical change is inevitable at any stage of one’s life, infants grow into toddlers and continue to develop key motor skills, teenagers’ bodies change as they approach adulthood, and older adults eventually begin to age into seniors. As one’s ages, there are many major physical and mental changes that occur with aging. Seniors are not limited to these changes! As an older adult, you can expect to experience a variety of changes that are associated with aging. Mayo Clinic offers a fantastic crash course on physical things that come with age, but here are some of our highlights from their article.

According to Mayo Clinic, a common physical change that may come with aging is the stiffening of your blood vessels and arteries. While this isn’t an immediate cause for concern, your heart will have to work harder to pump blood throughout your body. In healthy, young, individuals, heart rate will increase, especially when doing strenuous activity. Seniors’ heart rates may not increase enough during activity, which, over time, can increase the risk of high blood pressure.

One most important facts that we need to remember as we grow older is that taking preventative measures for our physical health is crucial. Light physical activity is a fantastic way to keep your heart healthy. Some easy light activities include

  • Taking a brisk, 30-minute walk in your neighborhood
  • Light daily yoga
  • Stretching

2. Digestive changes

Another physical change associated with aging is a change in your digestive system, Typically, seniors tend to experience worsening metabolism, and are more likely to encounter poor gut health if a healthy diet is not maintained. Poor diet in older age can lead to other health complications

Greasy, fatty, sugary food, can be incredibly comforting, and most senior’s do not have to cut the foods they love out entirely in order to maintain good digestive health, but a good rule of thumb to follow is to make an effort to consume mostly healthy nutrient-rich foods. Great foods to eat for a healthy digestive system include:

  • Whole grains
  • Vegetables and leafy greens
  • Low-fat proteins
3. Mental changes that occur with aging

One of the many things that come with age is natural mental changes. It’s important to note that not all mental changes that occur with aging are severe. The National Institute on Aging shares a couple of completely normal, natural, mental changes that occur with aging including:

  • Slower ability to recall names and memories
  • Trouble multitasking
  • A subtle decrease in the ability to multitask

If you are experiencing any of these mental changes as a senior, it usually is not an immediate cause for concern, however, if you have any doubts, you can always initiate a conversation with your doctor, who can offer resources or insight into your specific situation.

4. Aging isn’t bad at all, in fact, there are some fun facts about aging!
The word “aging” can often time carry a negative connotation, but that should not be the case, in fact, there are many “fun” facts about aging!

You are more knowledgeable than ever!

Seniors carry a great deal of wisdom on their back and understand the world on an incredibly deep level. Seniors have lived through thick and thin and are resilient to change, adversity, and make great storytellers.

Older adults are taking over the US!

According to Mountain Empire Legal Services Seniors aged 85+ are the fastest-growing age group in the country!

5. Aging in place

Aging in place refers to the decision to stay in one’s home as they age and continue to live independently. Many seniors will eventually make a decision to either move into a retirement home or an assisted living facility, or continue to live at home on their own or with their partner. Either decision is valid and it is important that you make the best decision for your own health and happiness.

Modifying your life age in place

One of the biggest challenges of aging in place is that one’s home is making adjustments to the home to make it aging in place friendly. Making a home aging in place friendly does not have to happen overnight but there are a few adjustments you can make to your home to significantly reduce the risk of falls in the bathroom and bath.

Install bathtub step with handrails

There are many home modifications you can make to accommodate aging in place. One of the top modifications you can make is adding bathtub steps with handrails to reduce the risk of falling in the bath or shower At step2health, we are all about adding value to senior’s lives. The step2tub is a great product to use on a daily basis, even if you don’t currently struggle getting in and out of the tub. In fact, the CDC reported that in 2008 over 234,000 people aged 15 and older were sent to the emergency room for injuries that occurred in bathrooms.

Bathroom accidents do not discriminate based on age, but seniors are at a greater risk for falling, especially those who suffer from mobility issues. Just like the step2bed, the step2tub is designed to reduce the risk of falls and make it easier for you to complete an essential, private, part of your life — showering and bathing.

Install bed stools for high beds (or any bed!)

Bedside step stools are one of the most popular purchases by seniors. Bed stools for high beds are sold to the elderly for a variety of purposes, some are simply made for the vertically challenged, others serve the purpose of adding more support for the individual who may struggle with mobility issues. One consequence of aging is that getting in and out of bed can become increasingly difficult when a seniors joints become less forgiving. This is a natural and normal part of aging, but doing something as simple as getting in and out of bed shouldn’t be a burden. The step2bed is great product for those who need an extra boost getting in or out of bed. Equipped with steel grab bars, soft foam padding, a motion activated light, the step2bed is one of the greatest elderly care products out on the market. The step2bed has a weight limit of 400lbs, and has already helped thousands reduce the risk of falls and feel safer in their home.

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