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Top Holiday Gifts For Seniors

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Top 10 Holiday Gifts Seniors Will Love

November is in full swing which means the holiday season is rapidly approaching. Due to the global pandemic, now more than ever, people are online shopping for their holiday gifts. To stay ahead of the crowd, step2health curated a list of the top 10 holiday gifts that seniors will love.

  1. Le Creuset

Le Cruset is the king of pots and pans. Each piece of cookware is enameled and colorful. Colors aside, many customers love Le Creuset because of its quality and durability. The cookware lasts significantly longer than normal cookware and is great for your loved ones who are home chefs.

At a couple of hundred dollars apiece, Le Creuset is definitely an investment, but the quality is unbeatable — plus the colors are beautiful. Le Creuset is the perfect statement piece for your kitchen, and is functional!

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  1. Ring Doorbell

You likely know someone who uses a Ring Doorbell and for a good reason! The Ring Doorbell is the doorbell of the future. Ring Doorbell has a camera attached to it that is constantly recording, so you can see who is at your door at all times if someone left a package for you, or even if someone stole your package. The Ring Doorbell is cheaper than a security camera and will alert you when visitors are at the door. Doorbells start at $100 and go up in price based on battery, camera quality, and features. If you’re looking for a bit more security in your home, or just for a doorbell upgrade, the Ring Doorbell is a great purchase to make, and an excellent holiday gift.

  1. step2bed

Since we are step2health, we had to put this one in here — but for a good reason. The step2bed is the best product on the market to help seniors get in and out of bed. Founded by former ICU nurse Vince Baiera, the step2bed helps reduce the risk of falls by giving individuals added support getting in and out of bed. The product has an extra-wide landing base, 2 grab bars, and motion-activated light to make getting out of bed easy. The step2bed is made of steel to ensure quality and durability. At 20 pounds, the step2bed is light but can hold up to 20x its weight (400 pounds). Taking precautions to reduce the risk of falls is something everyone should take, and the step2bed is a great “step” in the right direction!

  1. Zipper puller

Want to go to gift your loved one with something that is a little more on the inexpensive side? A zipper puller is a great option for you. As seniors age, they may have arthritis or loose dexterity in their hands, and pulling up a zipper can be a frustrating task. Zipper pullers have a sturdy grip on them and make pulling up zippers of all kinds a breeze. Zipper pullers are a small addition to a senior’s life that can aid them in aging in place and staying in their home longer. Zipper pullers can also make great white elephant gifts and someone who might not know they need one can get one!

  1. DNA Testing Kit

Ever wondered where your ancestors are from? Or, did you always suspect you had a bit of a certain heritage in you but weren’t sure? A DNA testing kit is a great gift for seniors or anyone who is curious about their heritage. DNA testing kits are pain-free and give you fantastic insight into your family such as their ethnicity, where they migrated, and if other distant family members gave an account, you can chat with them! Ancestry or 23andMe are excellent and pain-free services to learn more about your DNA background. Put your saliva into a collection tube and send it off! In a few weeks, you’ll have complex information on your family history!

  1. Nespresso

A Nespresso is a great gift for coffee lovers, especially espresso lovers. Nespresso is a pod-based espresso machine that makes brewing espresso super simple. Simply turn on the machine, press the brew button, and within a minute you have a shot of espresso. Nespressos tend to go on sale as Black Friday approaches, so look out for some great deals! For those who are concerned about the waste of a pod-based espresso system — Nespresso will collect your used pods and deep clean and recycle them to be used for more espresso pods. If you or your loved one is spending a little too much on coffee, consider getting a Nespresso! They have tons of espresso flavors that can even be delivered to your door.

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  1. Walker Bag

Walker bags make excellent and practical gifts. If you or your loved one uses a walker, they can attach this velcro walker bag to their walker to hold anything they want. At $16.99 this walker bag is a steal! Walker bags can replace purses so there are no obstructions when you are trying to get from place to place.

  1. Flameless Candle

Many individuals love candles but they pose a dangerous fire hazard when not closely monitored. However, candles are also beautiful pieces to have and make a room cozier. Flameless candles are fantastic alternatives to real candles as they are battery operated and as per their name — are flameless. The one downside to flameless candles they won’t emit a scent, but as an alternative, you can get a wax melter, diffuser, or plugin wall oil diffuser. Flameless candles are great alternatives for those who may be suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, or for the folks in your life who tend to be forgetful.

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  1. New Hearing Aids

Everyone has heard of hearing aids and many older adults and seniors use hearing aids daily. Most hearing aids on the market are bulky and can draw attention to the ear and even be uncomfortable to wear, especially to those who wear glasses. For those who are looking for hearing aids, or for an impressive upgrade, the Hearing Assist HA1800 Black In the Ear Completely in Canal (CIC) Hearing Aid is a fantastic product.

Designed, engineered, and assembled in the US is hearing aid fits discreetly in the ear canal. Despite its small size, the HA-1800 has excellent, clear digital sound. the HA-1800 is a one-sized fit all hearing aid for both the left and the right ear. Other notable features include ambient noise reduction, feedback suppression, noise compression technology, and four different preset volume levels. Purchase without a hearing test and use it for up to 70 hours.

  1. Slippers

Slippers are an excellent classic gift that is perfect for seniors. Slippers not only keep your feet warm but are great as some provide excellent traction while walking around in your home. Fuzzy socks are fantastic but can be a major slipping hazard if you’re not careful. UGG slippers make high quality, durable, and warm slippers for both men and women and have great traction on the bottoms of the shoe. For those who live in colder climates, they’re perfect for a cold winter day.

Holidays may be different this year, but gift-giving can still be made easy! Consider shipping these gifts to your loved ones instead of delivering it yourself to continue to social distance.

Vince Baiera

Vince Baiera is the founder of step2health, a mobility aids and wellness company for older adults. He is a former ICU Nurse of the Cleveland Clinic and Duke University Hospital in the Cardiac ICU. With years of working on the frontlines, Vince noticed the struggles of older adults and people with mobility issues that became an impediment for both patients and their caretakers. He then designed and created the patented product, Step2Bed (and its variants) that helps seniors and those with mobility issues safely get in and out of bed. His philosophy concerning aging is to plan ahead and start with simple home and life modifications to avoid being overwhelmed at retirement.

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