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What is the difference between Step2health's Deluxe Accessory Pack Plus & Deluxe Accessory Pack

When it comes to our loved ones, we want nothing but the best for them. More so, in the case of seniors, we want to be assured about the products’ sturdiness and the safety. Older adults face challenges like getting in and out of bed, bathtub, and toilet. Providing additional support at these strategic places provides immense safety and prevents accidents. Step2health accessories with grab bar or step2health accessories without grab bar are excellent choices that ensure the safety of seniors. 

Step2health is a name synonymous with safety, durability, and functionality. The mobility-friendly products are simple in design and easy on the pocket. They permit the seniors to age independently in place with minimal risk of falling and allowing maximum ease of movement.   

Step2health offers Deluxe Accessory Pack Plus and Deluxe Accessory Pack for seniors. The accessories augment the safety of step2bed. The step2bed accessories with grab bar and step2bed accessories without grab bar packs have been carefully designed, keeping in mind the requirements of seniors. 

Here is a complete break-down of the packs, offering details of what the packs contain and the difference between the two:

Deluxe Accessory Pack Plus With Grab Bar:


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