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Material Matters: What’s Best for Bedside Step Stools for Seniors

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Studies done by CDC have revealed that about 36 million older adults fall each year, and one out of every 5 falls leads to broken bones or head injury. With time, older adults have limited mobility and flexibility, and simple tasks like getting in and out of bed become a major challenge. As a result, the risk of them falling and getting injured is a constant concern. 

However, while the numbers are scary, it doesn’t mean that falls are inevitable. Using smart yet simple solutions like a bedside step stool can reduce this risk and be their reliable companion. While devices take care of certain aspects, it is important that seniors also work on improving their mobility to experience a healthy and happy retired life. 

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Bedside Steps for Elderly – How to Decide

Choosing a bedside step stool can get confusing with a myriad of options available. One needs to check the design, features, sturdiness, and material used before deciding on a particular bedside step stool for their beloved senior.  

Bedside steps for seniors need to be sturdy and durable, and the material used in making them plays an important role. Let’s look at some of the materials in step stools and gauge their suitability. 

Plastic: While plastic step stools are lightweight and affordable, they aren’t sturdy and can’t take heavy weights. Many times, as people age, they tend to put on weight. Such stools wouldn’t give them good support. Usually, these stools don’t come with an anti-skid surface either, making them risky.    

Wood: Wooden step stools have an elegant appeal, but wood is vulnerable to water and moisture and can damage easily. Termites could also weaken the stool’s structure, making it unfit for use. 

Steel: Step stools made of steel are the sturdiest and safest. Steel is rust-free and doesn’t deteriorate over time. Most designs of steel bedside step stools take more weight, come with handrails, have broad steps and an anti-skid surface, making them ideal for older adults to use.     

Pro Tip – Normal bed step stool vs Senior’s step stool

Steel Bedside Step Stool Makes Life Easy for Seniors 

Joint pains, vision impairment, poor balance, and memory loss are common in seniors. Given their altered abilities, it becomes essential for a bedside step stool to make them feel reassured that neither the step stool will topple over nor will they slip on it. Steel bedside steps retain that sturdiness and stability lifelong and prove to be the best option. Let’s look at an example.

The Step2Bed is a heavy-duty reinforced steel step stool thoughtfully designed to be a true asset for seniors. Its features include:

Safety: Step2Bed has an extra-wide landing base and two steel grab bars to ensure that seniors can get on and off the stool safely. The Velcro straps firmly hold the step stool in place, and the rubber tips make the stool slip-resistant.  

Comfort: The grab bars have soft foam padding for a comfortable and tight grip. The versatile height adjustment offers great convenience, as seniors can drop the step stool’s height if they struggle to lift their feet higher. 

Weight: Step2Bed handles 300 lbs., 400 lbs. and 800 lbs. weight, depending on whether it is the Step2Bed Mini, Step2Bed Regular, or Step2Bed XL, respectively. 

Care: The special LED motion-activated light detects movement from 10 feet away and lights up the base step, ensuring seniors get on the stool without banging into it or tripping over it. 

Easy to Assemble: Step2Bed is very easy to put together. If needed, there’s a fully assembled version available too.
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Expert Recommendation

Many medical experts and existing users believe that a steel bedside step is one of the best options, especially those designed to keep seniors’ needs in mind, like the Step2Bed. Created by a former ICU nurse, Vince Baiera witnessed the mobility issues seniors face up close. He envisioned bringing ease into their lives, which led to the launch of the innovative Step2Bed. He and many other medical experts recommend a reliable, durable, and safe steel bedside step stool that makes seniors stress-free. 

Final Thoughts 

Ageing in place can be a very fulfilling experience for seniors, as it gives them a sense of independence and improves their quality of life. Seniors can spend their silver years in the comfort of their homes by having the right mobility devices by their side that provide prevention from falls and injuries and make them feel confident.   

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How to Choose the Right Bedside Steps for You?

Consider a few factors while buying bedside steps – ergonomic design, the material used, stability, and features. Refer to this ultimate guide for detailed information.  

Who Needs Bed Steps?

Bed steps are mainly needed by seniors who suffer from joint pains, mobility issues, or Alzheimer’s. However, one can also use it in case of recovering from surgery or injury.   

What's the average weight capacity of bed step stools?

The amount of weight a bed step stool can bear depends on its material. For example, steel bedside step stools can take weight up to 400 lbs. or 800 lbs.  


Why Use a Bed Step Stool for the Elderly?

Bed step stools offer stability, ease, and safety while getting in and out of bed. More importantly, they remove the fear of falls from the mind.

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