• Steps Towards Aging in Place

    Old age. It happens to everyone. As we age, we are no longer able to do the things we once were able to in our youth. Biking in your early twenties with your friends to the nearest cafe was some of the best times of your life - now that you aren’t able to do that, and it might make you a little sad. You may also be aware of the stigma surrounding old age.
  • Product Review of Step2Bed Step Stool

    The Step2Bed step stool is great for people having difficulty getting in or out of today's tall beds.
  • Retirement - List of Best Activities to do Besides Travelling

    Going from a hard working individual to a “bored boomer” may lead you feeling like you have lost a part of your identity, or that you have lost challenge in your life, you may even start to feel depressed and your body may be in poor condition due to the lack of activity you participate in.
  • Dementia 101

    Dementia is an often misunderstood and misused term when preparing or dealing with aging in place.  Like most things that are not understood - the fear of it stems from not understanding it. Here are some basic answers to some questions that will help quell the fear we have of a loved one having dementia.
  • Bed Rails for the Elderly

    Bed rails are elderly assistance devices attached to the sides of beds to help prevent falls when getting in and out of bed.  One out of every three Americans 65 years and older falls at least once a year. 
  • “Aging in Place" - Why this term should not be scary!

    Aging in place is a term we now see just about everywhere, but it still isn’t completely understood.  There are plenty of elderly care products and services available that make aging in place viable.  
  • What To Do If You've Witnessed A Fall

    What should we do if we see a senior citizen fall or slip?  Should we move them or not?  What are the first steps to do when a senior is injured by falling?  Is it safe to leave them?