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Select a Bed Stool for High Beds: Guide for You

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As we age, our range of mobility begins to see a lot of changes. Some seniors may have difficulty climbing stairs, getting in and out of the bathtub, car, or even in and out of bed. A perfectly healthy senior will also inevitably begin to experience certain changes that are likely to affect their mobility.

The CDC reports that falls cause more than 95% of hip fractures in the elderly. While changes in mobility, weight, height, vision, bone density, etc., are a part of aging, falls certainly don’t have to be. 

You can prevent falls by taking steps to stay safe and independent at home. One way to ensure your safety at home and reduce the risk of falling is by using a step stool to get into bed. Step stools are very handy and should be a part of every senior’s home, especially if they live alone. Here’s why:

  • They make it easier to get in and out of bed, especially for elders who have developed mobility issues.
  • They reduce the strain on your leg and thigh muscles, as you don’t have to lift your leg quite so high.
  • They reduce the risk of falling by providing support and stability while getting in and out of bed. 

Bed Stool for High Beds

How to Select Bed Stool for High Beds?

One cannot simply walk into a store and buy a bed-step tool. When it comes to selecting a bed stool for high beds, there are many factors to consider. The stool selected should be sturdy, reliable, and safe. Only then will it truly serve its purpose. Here’s what you need to look for when selecting bed stools for high beds.

  • Material 

The first and most important factor to consider is the material of the step stool. Always look for step stools made of steel. Steel is a very reliable alloy and does not easily succumb to wear and tear. A steel step stool is sturdy and offers full support. Steel step stools will guarantee your safety and will not collapse under your weight, unlike step stools made of wood or plastic.  

  • Weight Capacity

Another important factor to take into account is the weight capacity of the step stool. Step stools come in varying sizes and capacities. Selecting a step stool with a higher weight capacity adds an extra layer of safety and protection. Look for stools that can withstand up to 800 pounds in weight, as they are highly reliable.  

  • Height Adjustability

Another thing you want to look at when trying to find the right step stool to get into bed is whether or not you can adjust the height of the stool. Every bed is different. There is always a possibility that you may move to another space or your bed might change. Here is where the “adjustable height” feature comes in handy. Bed step stools are an investment. If you buy a fully assembled one with height adjustability, you can use it anywhere with any bed. Height adjustability is an especially crucial feature to look for in a bed step stool when dealing with a high bed. 

  • Hand Rails and Grips

When climbing on to or off from something, it is important to have the right support. A bed stool for high beds should definitely have handrails. They provide stability and help maintain one’s balance while getting in and out of bed. Having something comfortable to hold on to increases your safety and eliminates the danger of losing your balance. A compact bed step stool that comes with soft, foam-padded steel grab bars is ideal for a strong grip.

  • Non-Slip Surface

Slipping is a real risk when stepping on or getting off the surface of a bed step stool. The force or pressure with which the foot lands on the surface of the step can cause it to slide forward just a little bit. If the surface is slippery, this can lead to a fall. Therefore, a bed step stool coated with a non-slip surface to stand on ensures the safety of anyone who uses it. 

There is a world of options available for bed step stools. However, we always recommend you assess every senior’s individual needs to gauge their requirements and comfort. With just a little bit of research and considering all these key elements, you can find a safe, reliable, and durable step to get into bed. If you have budget constraints, you can try refurbished products that are quality checked and just as reliable as a brand-new bed step stool. 

Take charge of your own safety at home and stay independent longer, with just the right bed stool for high beds


What are the pros and cons of different materials used for step stools?

Step stools are usually made from steel, plastic, or wood. Plastic step stools may be reliable initially, but with regular use, the parts and hinges may wear out, making them more likely to collapse, which is not safe at all. 

Wooden step stools are sturdier than plastic. As a result, they can withstand a lot more weight and would last longer as well. However, wood can rot with age and is likely to warp when exposed to moisture. This can render a wooden step stool unsafe. 

Steel is by far the most reliable material for a step stool. It is durable, strong, and does not succumb to wear and tear like plastic or wood. Steel can also hold a lot more weight than a plastic or wooden step stool.


How to choose the right bedside step stool for your needs?

Consider the following factors: 

  • Adjustable height – Buy a step stool where you can adjust the height to your specific needs. 
  • Material – Always go for steel over plastic or wood. Steel is stronger and does not succumb to wear and tear. 
  • Handles – Choose a bed step stool that has handles. This reduces the risk of falling by providing balance and support. 
  • Non-slip surface – The surface of the step stool should be coated with a non-slip material.
  • Weight capacity – Ensure that you are buying a step stool with a weight capacity of at least 400 – 500 pounds.

Why use a bed step stool for the elderly?

  • Bed step stools can reduce the risk of falls while getting in and out of bed.
  • They also allow the elderly to live independently without relying on someone to help them get in and out of bed. 
  • Bed step stools reduce the distance between the floor and the bed, making it easier to lift your leg without putting too much strain on your muscles.  

How high should a step stool be?

Ideally, the height of a step stool should be adjustable. Adjustable heights can allow you to use the same step stool for multiple purposes, depending on what you want to use it for. The actual step of a bed step stool should not be more than 7 to 10 inches, as more than this can put too much strain on the leg and thigh muscles.


Who needs bed steps?

Bed steps are a good idea for older adults living alone, especially if the bed is high. The elderly who has just had surgery or seniors with mobility issues also need bed steps.

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