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PolyMem(R) Foam Dressing, 3 x 3 Inch

PolyMem® Foam Dressing, 3 x 3 Inch

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  • The hydrophilic membrane contains a cleanser, a moisturizer and a superabsorbent starch copolymer
  • The membrane wicks away up to ten times its weight in exudate
  • The F-68 surfactant is a mild wound cleansing agent activated by moisture and gradually released into the wound bed
  • The glycerin keeps the dressing from adhering to the wound bed
  • Glycerin also reduces odor, conserves living fat cells, reduces hypergranulation, soothes traumatized tissues and supports autolytic debridement
  • The starch copolymer draws fluids and absorbs and holds the watery portion in the hydrophilic membrane